Welcome to The Spanish Table wine blog

After receiving much encouragement to take the weekly Spanish Table Berkeley wine newsletter to a wider audience I will now post the same information here as well. Please bear with me as I come up to speed with the technology. No doubt this will get better as time goes by. I will be posting archived material here as well as new stuff. Meanwhile, add this link to your favorites and check back weekly to read about all the new wines and food coming to The Spanish Table.



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2 responses to “Welcome to The Spanish Table wine blog

  1. Denise

    Years ago we enjoyed a fabulous white sangria at The Columbia restaurant in Tampa. It was garnished with celery and cucumber and was perfect with our paella. I’ve never been able to find a recipe. Do you have any clues?

  2. berkeleywine

    I love white Sangria (and rosé sangria too)! Unfortunately I have not been to The Columbia Restaurant to taste the white sangria they serve. There is a recipe from a book we carry here at The Spanish Table called, appropriately, “Sangria: Fun and Festive Recipes” by Mittie Helmich. She has a recipe for Cucumber Pimm’s Sparkling Sangria that calls for cucumber, sparkling Cava wine, lemons and oranges as well as a bit of Pimm’s liqueur. You can order that book at http://www.spanishtable.com.
    Also look back a few weeks in this blog for some more summer wine cocktail recipes.

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